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Seattle Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

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Note: I wasn't sure what to choose for my emergency treatment since it didn't seem to match anything on the procedure drop down menu. I also added a slightly modified review on Yelp because I would like everyone to know about the incredible treatment and care I received. I had a dental emergency after a fall on Sunday during a run and was in need of an oral surgeon. My front teeth had been pushed in and moved around from my "face first" fall. Despite it being Sunday night Dr. Wasson did not hesitate a second to help me. He went above and beyond to get everything ready right away to not lose more time. Time is critical for a dental injury, I've learned** from Dr. Wasson. Due to his tremendous knowledge and experience he was able to shift my teeth back and stabilize them. In addition to clearly being an expert in his field, he was tremendously caring, making sure I'm comfortable, I know all possibilities and options, etc. During the procedure, he was kind and explained every step patiently. After all was done, his wife, who is a dentist herself, was so sweet to make me a little recovery bag with apple sauce, water, chapstick so I had everything I needed for that night. Although there was no after care needed from his part, Dr. Wasson followed up with a phone call the next day to see how I was doing. You can't get better treatment and care like that. **No one had told me in the ER that afternoon that the injuries impacting my teeth also needed immediate attention and should not be delayed until Monday, neither did they send me to an ER where they can deal with dental injuries.

- anja z

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