Oral Surgery Services

Dental Implants: A safe, reliable procedure to replace missing teeth permanently.

Wisdom Teeth: The removal of wisdom teeth is recommended for most patients between the ages of 17-25 to prevent complications down the road.

Bone Grafting: We can regrow parts of your jawbone with bone grafting in preparation of a dental implant.

Anesthesia: Oral surgeons have extensive training in anesthesia. Learn more about the anesthesia choices we offer.

Jaw Surgery: Orthognathic surgery is sometimes recommended to resolve severe bite issues.

Facial Injuries: Oral surgeons are experts in the structures of the face, and can repair both soft tissue and bone injuries with optimal aesthetic results.

Tooth Extractions: Need an extraction? We perform this safe, predictable procedure in our office.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery: Preparing the jawbone for dentures offers a more comfortable and better functioning fit overall.

Head and Neck Cancer: Oral cancer is often curable if caught early – learn what signs to look for and when to call our office.

TMJ Disorders: Problems with the Temporomandibular joint manifest in pain, clicking and headaches. Get relief with a custom treatment plan.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: More dangerous than most people realize, sleep apnea is a condition that is best treated by a team of professionals, starting with an oral surgeon.

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate: Both of these birth malformations can be corrected with predictable results by an oral surgeon.

Stem Cell Therapy: Teeth are a great source for stem cells, and we can use them to assist healing in bone grafting and other oral surgery procedures.

Impacted Canines: If your canines are having trouble erupting, we can help guide them safely into place.

Cone Beam CT – 3D Imaging: The best imaging leads to better treatments and outcomes. CBCT scanners are used by our office to get the clearest picture of your dental structures.

Online Videos: Learn more about oral surgery by browsing our video library.

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